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Gait Analysis Laboratory

Scheduling an Appointment

The present focus of the clinical gait laboratory is on detailed assessment of children with neurological disorders. Appropriate referrals include children with cerebral palsy, myelomenigocele, and other neuromuscular conditions that cause significant impediment to gait and who are being considered for change in treatment (e.g. surgery, therapy, or orthotics). The child must be cooperative in all modes of testing for a valid evaluation to be conducted.

Data collection generally takes between two to three hours. After the motion data is processed, it is combined with the physical examination and interpreted by the team. The final report will be available to the referring physician within four to five weeks. It is therefore imperative that the gait analysis be requested and scheduled with adequate time before any intervention is scheduled.

New referrals may be made for children up to age 18.

To schedule an appointment, contact the gait lab directly at (302) 651-4248.

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